Chiropractic Testimonials

"I would give you more than 5 starts if I could - make that 10. Dr. Braxton and his staff at Access Health Centers go that extra mile to help you in all your phases of life ... to bring you to a state of wellness through chiropractic care and education. When I hurt my back severally and was in intense pain, I had to decide where I would go and who I would trust. I chose Dr. Nguyen and his team. We first met when we both occupied the same commercial building several years ago. I had know him for a while, but had never sought his help before. Little did I know that this was going to be one of the best decisions I've ever made...since then he has helped me so much through adjustments, information about the condition of my spine, exercise information to help strengthen, and to help me age gracefully with my arthritis and to keep me moving pain free. Key word here is "pain free" - He is very knowledgeable, and has a "specialness" about how much he cares - he listens, adjusts, advises and sends you home with positive energy. Thank you Dr. Nguyen and Staff."

- Merrilee U.

"Dear Dr. Nguyen,

I would like to thank you and your staff for all the great therapeutic care over the last couple of months. The service is truly comprehensive in nature, reaching far beyond core adjustments to effectively integrate key elements of a physical rehabilitation program – ultrasound and massage therapy, targeted exercise regimens, and on-going health educations. The patient’s experience is further enhanced by resourceful staff who are consistently pleasant and helpful. The front desk coordination of the office is such that I can be worked in in for all the care I need despite my hectic travel schedule….I would like to close by recognizing you and your staff for developing a comprehensive chiropractic care model that delivers effective physical rehabilitation for patients. Best wishes…"

- Vincent T.

"I limped into the chiropractic office in December 2012 thinking I would be, very soon, paralyzed permanently by the horrific, agonizing spasms in my lower back – the spasms had dropped me to my knees numerous times and were getting worse. My future as an employee was over, I thought. Some days I couldn’t even move for minutes at a time. My future was disappearing as a valuable contribution in society. My education through the clinic proved invaluable- the exercise, nutrition (especially calcium supplements), spinal adjustments and therapy brought my life back to life- I can move again, work, play, drive, bicycle- you name it! There are scars in my lower back muscles that may never completely heal but I will keep working on them, always getting better now. For me there is no going back to where I was- it’s too painful and terrifying to let it slide. What will a person give to get their life back? I’m glad it’s not too late for me."

- Ray D.