Spinal Rehabilitative Therapy

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Dr. Nguyen’s Spinal Rehabilitative Therapy program helps relieve, reeducate, reform and re-strengthen the musculoskeletal and central nervous system for sustainable long-term health recovery. Whether you have acute or chronic pain relating to traumatic spinal injuries, sports injuries, car accidents, or ergonomic postural concerns, this program will improve your overall quality of life.

Dr. Nguyen’s four phase program incorporates these passive and active care treatment methods: state of the art low force chiropractic techniques, low level laser therapy, traction and decompression, and spinal strengthening equipment.

The four phases of the Spinal Rehabilitative Therapy program are:

  • Phase 1 - Acute & Chronic Relief
  • Phase 2 - Regenerative & Re-education
  • Phase 3 - Stabilization & Reform
  • Phase 4 - Relive

You and your body will learn to live pain free.