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Chiropractic May Be The Answer

Your spinal cord is the system your body uses to pass information from your brain to every other part of your body. If a vertebra in your spine is misaligned, it may be putting pressure on a nerve. Even a small amount of pressure can disrupt the information traveling over that nerve.

If your nervous system is being compromised, your immune system may be compromised and malfunctioning. Chiropractors are specially trained to treat and protect the nervous system by relieving pressure on nerves. By doing this chiropractors are allowing your body to function at its max potential.

There are marshmallow like pads between your vertebrae called intervertebral discs. The discs are very tough, but can be damaged. The discs provide for movement in the spine. When discs start to degenerate the spine can become less mobile, and may even start to fuse together.

The discs also provide space between the vertebrae. This is important because nerves pass through the spaces that are created by the discs. Discs also act as a shock absorbers. When movement occurs, the jelly solution inside the disc has the ability to expand and compress. If the spine become misaligned, a disc can become buldged or herniated. In some cases it may even rupture. A misalignment is not the only cause for this problem. Age can cause the disc to become weak and dehydrated.

If you are struggling with back or neck pain, chiropractic care may be the best treatment option for you. Chiropractic is one of the least invasive and safest options for conditions of the spine and discs.


“The service is truly comprehensive in nature, reaching far beyond core adjustments to effectively integrate key elements of a physical rehabilitation program. I would like to close by recognizing you and your staff for developing a comprehensive chiropractic care model for patients.”

- Vincent T.

“Dr. Braxton and his staff at Access Health Centers go that extra mile to help you in all your phases of life.. He is very knowledgeable, and has a "specialness" about how much he cares - he listens, adjusts, advises and sends you home with positive energy.”

- Merrilee U.

“My education through the clinic proved invaluable- the exercise, nutrition (especially calcium supplements), spinal adjustments and therapy brought my life back to life- I can move again, work, play, drive, bicycle- you name it!.. What will a person give to get their life back? I'm glad it's not too late for me.”

- Ray D.

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